An exciting history of motion

Ever since the automotive industry’s pioneering days, the ŠKODA brand has been turning out cutting-edge technologies and inventions. The joy of mobility and all things technical initially found expression in bicycles, followed by motorcycles and, ultimately, cars.

ŠKODA – Driven by Desire

History is more than the mere passing of time. It’s a collection of stories that remain timeless. To celebrate exciting history of ŠKODA, we created a timeline not of events, but of emotions. And there are no better stewards of ŠKODA’s legacy than the people who drive our cars.

ŠKODA Cartette App

Show off your knowledge of the ŠKODA cars against your friends in our game. Invite your friends and see who knows the most about the ŠKODA stats and car models. Which one of your friends are simply clever? The game contains 36 cards with a detailed description of the most famous ŠKODA models throughout history. Learn about the car models’ displacement, max speed, output, year of production and how many models were produced. Use trump card - iconic ŠKODA models, to gain major advantages.

ŠKODA Museum

The ŠKODA Museum brings the past to life in an authentic setting – the former production halls where cars were made up until 1928. Right next door, the company’s largest and most modern plant continues this history, turning out new ŠKODAs day after day.