Connectivity-supporting systems open up new worlds for both your car and your smartphone. The virtual pedal will lend a hand when your own hands are full. The 230 V socket will never be idle, even on short trips. The whole point of our in-car Smart Electronics is to deliver greater safety and comfort for all passengers.
Nothing beats volume. We have made the already spacious luggage compartment – a ŠKODA signature feature – even more malleable to your needs by introducing numerous sophisticated gadgets. As a result, you will find it easy to protect fragile cargo from breakage, prevent soiling in the luggage compartment, and expand the boot space.
In our modern lifestyle, we are constantly up against a plethora of day-to-day challenges. Solutions to them can be found in the Simply Clever features inside and outside our cars. They may seem trivial, you will no longer have to scratch the ice of the windows with a credit card, scrabble for loose change in all those nooks, fish out a plastic bottle that has rolled under the seat, or worry where to visibly display your parking ticket.